Raves & Reviews

It’s not just a ‘photoshoot’. With Ejun, it’s an exquisite experience. I was particularly impressed by Ejun’s impeccable attention to detail. From the ambient lighting of his studio, background music, interior design of each corner, to the way tea was served (from time to time, he actually checks whether it’s still warm for you). I’m very pleased with the outcome of my portraits by Ejun. He is truly a class of his own. Thank you for sharing your gift in this work.
— Valerie Grace El Deek

Right from the moment I entered the studio, I knew that I had found the right person and place. Ejun is meticulous, thoughtful and professional. Above all, he is easy and enjoyable to work with. The end product is a true masterpiece that captures my personality and emotions. I am extremely satisfied and will be working with Ejun for a long time to come. Thank you for an amazing portrait.
— Sean Lim

Our experience working with you was fantastic and the family photos you captured are amazing! Thank you so much for capturing the personality and spirit of our 5 month old son. We really appreciate your professionalism, and this includes how your personality put Colin and I at ease. It was so hard to pick our favorite photos, with so many great ones to choose from!
— Colin & Won

Ejun is a professional, talented and passionate photographer. With his incredible eye for detail, Ejun knows exactly what he needs and wants for that perfect shot. He is totally committed to delivering high quality, timeless images.

Not only is Ejun remarkably skilful, his friendly and approachable disposition also puts me at ease. He made me so comfortable, the shots were fun to take! I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the photos.

If you are looking to capture stunning portraits, Ejun is the man you need behind the lens.
— Alicia L.

Ejun’s work is the epitome of photography. He does more than just shooting. He was very helpful and kind, ever so willing to provide advice and share ideas whenever we needed. He was also very prompt with his replies. We were very impressed with his photography studio, ‘first class’, they say. All in all, his professionalism, skills and big heart is something we truly appreciate.

As part of the bridal package, we were very honoured to have Cherry Au from Autelier Makeup. Cherry comes across as a humble and sincere lady. We were mighty pleased with the makeup and hairdo. Her professionalism and skills are highly respectable.

We were very glad to have engaged him for our pre-wedding shoot and were very pleased with the photographs. Although Ejun’s pricing is a bit on the high side, rest assured you are getting what you are paying for :) If you are looking for a photographer for your pre-wedding shoot, we would strongly recommend him ;)
— Rovi & Tiffany
Ejun and Cherry were awesome!! I was initially worried about not knowing what to do, but they both put me at ease and made the entire shoot a fun experience... from the make up to the photography. They are craftsmen in their own rights, very professional and of high standards. I am absolutely blown away with the end product! Thank you both for the lovely experience and keep up the great work!!
— Grace Yip

Ejun, thanks for everything - from making me comfortable in front of the camera to guiding me patiently and soothingly through everything, from impressing this perfectionist with your keen eye for detail to the graceful (never disruptive) manner in which you moved equipment around single-handedly. I’ve even learnt new things about your craft - thanks for sharing! Truly appreciate the thought you’ve put into the entire process and anticipating my needs. Still very much impressed by the piano playing! I’m sure I’ll be back, so see you very soon!
— Pamela P.

Ejun is a really talented and gifted photographer. We had lots of fun and had the rare opportunity of seeing the master at work.

The whole experience was very smooth. From liaising with Daryl about the scheduling, to styling with Cherry and photography with Ejun, everything was guided and beautifully crafted. It was really a pleasure and a joy to work together with his team!

Even though it was the peak season, we were really thankful and humbled that Daryl and Ejun went out of their way to slot us in at their nearest availability. The pre-photography preparation materials that they sent to us was also extremely helpful in preparing ourselves for what is to happen, and to select the pieces for Fel’s wardrobe of the day.

Cherry, our lovely makeup stylist of the day, was really friendly and did such an amazing work with Fel, drawing out the best of his features through her styling. Even when he mentioned that his hair was hard to style and had struggled with it in the morning, she kindly assured us that she would try her best, and did great job with styling it. Also, her foresight and recommendations also aided us greatly, and lasted us for the entire shoot!

Ejun was a master at work. He was very focused and experienced, and was able to direct and guide Fel to warm up easily and quickly, before drawing out his emotions and guiding his poses comfortably and with ease. He was very meticulous and sharp in noticing details and features that would draw out Fel’s personality, and used it to his full advantage in getting great shots of him. At the same time, his warm personality and kind encouragements really brought out Fel’s confidence... even his playful and emotional side of him! As we had the lifestyle upgrade, Fel was able to experience both the formal and casual shoots, and that enabled them to explore even more fun poses and styles. It was really inspiring and a joy to watch the both of them have so much fun on set. The upgrade was definitely worth it!

Thank you Ejun, Daryl and Cherry for having us on set! We had a great experience! If there are further opportunities in the future, we would definitely choose to work together with you again :) Till then!
— Sandra & Felder

Ejun is just amazing. He’s a photographer with a designer’s eye and definitely a very meticulous guy. You know it when he is always looking out for every little details, your arms, your hands, the angle of your head, even Scott’s suit. And he has a way of making us very comfortable in front of the camera. Anyone who needs a portrait shoot, this is your guy.
— Scott & Eve