I photograph Men - usually for professional purposes - with the same contemporary approach as I would my lifestyle guests. It’s the relaxed demeanour that I’m after, even if the objective is to be taken seriously. After all, it’s really not about putting on a front, and more about being seen as who you are and what you stand for…

For the career-oriented women, I photograph contemporary portraits so others can resonate your feminism with your aptitude. It’s less about commanding presence but in the modern-age, to be that positive influence so others can connect with you and your story. For expressive work, do have a look at my lifestyle offerings for women.

I photograph contemporary family portraits because so much of today’s family photos are taken using your phone. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget how a single family portrait can bring everyone closer together when placed in your living space. So cherish each other, because these photos are the truest memories that you are family.

This offering is created for women who are looking for photographs to serve as a memory that you and others can appreciate with the passing of time. There’s no better time to embrace who you are and create not merely photographs, but finer portraits that are as worthy as a memoir as they are for your personal collection.

Music, dance and theatre are all infinitely expressive forms of Art, and bringing out your character as an artist is one of the most compelling reasons why I photograph portfolio work for artists and models. If my style of work is something you can connect with, I will be very happy to host a fellow artist to create some truly amazing work!

While I don’t photograph weddings, I photograph couples in love because there’s nothing quite like having a printed image proudly displayed in your home that will remind you both of the journey that it is. Love has it’s way of finding two people… and what better way to show this invisible bond through a timeless piece of art.


Clients looking to photograph location or commercial work will be happy to know that I have a team who specialises in building brands through photographing their people. For more information on how we can be of service, visit our parent company at Pentaprism Singapore by clicking HERE

Interestingly, I’ve photographed spaces, food and products in my years as a professional photographer. Perhaps it’s the way I like to humanise objects so that they bring about a certain sense of personality and character. While it’s not my specialty, I’ll be happy to discuss any projects involving interesting products, spaces and gourmet food!