This 10-session intensive programme is created for aspiring professionals with a main focus in establishing a solid foundation in Posing, Lighting, Composing and Post Production. As an excerpt from my company’s Mentorship Programme, this demanding workshop shares the insights and knowledge for becoming a competent studio photographer and at the end of the course, to create sellable, professional-level portraits.


  • Session 01 - Posing Masterclass

  • Session 02 - Studio Lighting Masterclass

  • Session 03 - Composition and Framing Masterclass

  • Session 04 - Full Routine Demonstration

  • Session 05 - Photoshop and Lightroom Class

  • Session 06 - Shooting Routine Development

  • Session 07 - Shooting Routine Development

  • Session 08 - On-Location Lighting / Studio Routine Add-on

  • Session 09 - Portfolio / Assessment Session

  • Session 10 - Portfolio / Assessment Session


  • Students are required to bring their own models for all practical Sessions.


  • October 2019 Intake Available

  • Variable sessions mostly Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

  • Timings: 7pm - 10pm


  • Course Fees for 10 lessons:

  • S$2500 (excluding Sessions 09 and 10)

  • S$3000 (including Portfolio Development Sessions 09 / 10)


  • 02 pax minimum to begin. Maximum 04 pax Limit.

Images from past workshops

Images from past workshops


To photograph under guidance is the fastest way you can gain the necessary knowledge to become a better photographer. For me, my programmes involves demonstrations and hands-on practices so that we aren’t just discussing about the technical know-how but the approach to getting work done with a further emphasis on creating a dependable workflow so that students can work with a firm foundation. From there, you will be encouraged to let your artistic interpretation take over and create your own defined style.
My workshops are meant to be invested as a catalyst instead of a means to derive a specific outcome because in the end, I believe what separates the great from the good is their distinguishable difference in style.

Students during hands-on instruction

Students during hands-on instruction


“It was a 3 months mentorship programme which covers an extensively huge range of context from the basic understanding of a camera till how i archives and handle my shooting files. Lessons on composition, subject posing, lighting positioning as well as using of different lighting equipments & modifiers, allows me to explore and create different kinds of mood as I shoot.

What I benefitted most from this mentorship programme will be the very comprehensive and tailored routines from Ejun, ie; how he set his clients at ease, what to look out for and things he does during the shoot. After sitting in Ejun’s routines, I will then be given a specific time to shoot my subjects on my next few lessons. During the shoot, he will note down things that I could have done better and at the end, there will be a debrief. Through this, I will be more aware of what to do/say during the next round of my shoot. This became like a drill and it just makes me better each and every time. My workflow takes after Ejun after he shared with me how he usually does his housekeeping for his shooting files. It really helps to keep everything in place, ensuring that there are no room for errors. My post processing became even better having able to style my images the way I want.

In conclusion, the mentorship programme has definitely shaped me into becoming an even more mature photographer. Given my current skillset, I am definitely more than confident and competent to deliver.” - Joseph Tok


Images by Joseph Tok


I conduct my classes on-demand based on available schedules and will be happy to take in interested participants for any of my available workshops. For classes where a minimum pax is required and you are applying as a solo individual, connect with me via the form below or my Facebook and I will be happy to broadcast the class for participation. Here’s looking forward to meeting you!

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