Studio Lighting Essentials (WS02)

This 1-day intensive workshop is created for intermediate to advance photographers who are new to lighting in the studio with strobes and modifiers. It includes in-depth instruction on the essential lighting patterns as well as technical knowledge on professional portrait lighting.


Day 01 Morning - FUNDAMENTALS:

  • Working with Strobes

  • Fundamental Lighting Theory

  • Lighting Patterns

Day 01 Afternoon - PRACTICAL HANDS-ON:

  • Essential Lighting Styles

  • Lighting with Small Flashes

COURSE FEES (per pax)

Course Fees for 01 days ( 6 hours with an hour lunch break )

S$1000 for 01 pax
S$600 for 02 pax or more


02 pax minimum to begin. Maximum 04 pax Limit.

 Images from past workshops

Images from past workshops

Instructional Process…

To photograph under guidance is the fastest way you can gain the necessary knowledge to become a better photographer. For me, my programmes involves demonstrations and hands-on practices so that we aren’t just discussing about the technical know-how but the approach to getting work done with a further emphasis on creating a dependable workflow so that students can work with a firm foundation. From there, you will be encouraged to let your artistic interpretation take over and create your own defined style.
My workshops are meant to be invested as a catalyst instead of a means to derive a specific outcome because in the end, I believe what separates the great from the good is their distinguishable difference in style.

 Students during hands-on instruction

Students during hands-on instruction

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I conduct my classes on-demand based on available schedules and will be happy to take in interested participants for any of my available workshops. For classes where a minimum pax is required and you are applying as a solo individual, connect with me via the form below or my Facebook and I will be happy to broadcast the class for participation. Here’s looking forward to meeting you!

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